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SAC Plug In Plus

PHI-CELL Air Purification System
Advanced Oxidation Plasma Technology

SAC Plug In Plus Air Purification System

Destroy Airborne Pathogens

Utilizing patented PHI-Cell, Photohydroionization technology this portable device is designed to reduce pathogens such as Viruses, Bacteria, Odors, Mold, and Fungi in the air and on surfaces in small spaces such as patient and resident rooms

Active Purification

An advanced oxidation reaction occurs when light energy from the ultraviolet (UV) cell reacts with oxygen, ozone, a small amount of moisture in the air, and a hydrated quad-metallic catalyst. This reaction creates hydroperoxides and super-oxide ions, which are exhausted from the system into the surrounding air

Healthcare, Hospitality Office Setting

Ideal for medical settings, patient rooms, resident rooms, offices, hotel rooms, suites and public restrooms. The SAC Plug in Plus plugs directly into the wall outlet and can be used with or without its internal fan, Washable filter for large particulate

Plug Directly Into a Standard 115V Outlet

No wiring required, Economical, Low Maintenance, Lightweight, coverage Up to 800 sq. ft. Built-In outlet so you do not lose the use of your existing outlet, security screws are included to prevent theft

Product Overview

The SAC Plug In Plus Air Purification System provides virus, bacteria, odor, mold, VOCs
(chemical odors), funghi and smoke reduction. The advantage of the SAC Plug In Plus
is the ability to be used in any room and be completely inconspicuous.

Eliminate 99.9% of pathogens on surfaces and in the air

The quality of the air we breathe is critical to our health and productivity. Poor indoor air quality is responsible for an increase in Illness, flu outbreaks, viruses, asthma and allergies, contamination and other health risks.

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