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Commercial, Private and Industrial Buildings

Create a safer healthier environment for customers, occupants, and residents, by providing an extra layer of protection against airborne transmission of Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Fungi and Odors

Protect your Occupants and customers

SAC technology helps protect the health of your occupants and customers as well as your residents. Implementing air purification technology will lead to premium pricing and reductions in loss/turnover of occupants

No modifications or upgrades to current HVAC Systems

Our technology can be placed inside the fan blower unit of almost any HVAC system, no cutting into ductwork in leased buildings

Mitigates the spread of Viruses and bacteria

in the air and on surfaces including the deadly SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19. Mitigate Odors, Mold, Fungi, Smoke and VOC’s

Works 24 hours a day
HVAC Magnetic Mount, Induct units, as well as Portable, Wall Mounted, and Mobile Technology to fit almost any need

Eliminate 99.9% of pathogens on surfaces and in the air

“50% of all major office buildings have contaminated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC). If not properly maintained, they are a hotbed for the growth of molds and bacteria.”

Our systems clean every cubic inch of air from the smallest office to the largest manufacturing site. With our unique advanced oxidation plasma, consisting of plasma and hydroperoxide. These oxidizers go out into the environment to break apart and destroy

Viruses – Bacteria – Odor – Mold – VOCs – Fungi – Smoke and particulates

Technology / How It Works

Photohydroionization® (PHI) is an active air treatment technology. Active air treatment is the process of reducing air and surface contaminants by recreating safe, natural levels of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in occupied areas.
SAC’s PHI-CELL® technology combines a photocatalytic process and a multiwavelength UV source to create active air purification. The combination of UV light and a hydrated quad-metallic catalyst drives a reaction that produces low level, airborne H2O2.

SAC’s PHI-CELL® air treatment systems are operating safely in hundreds of skilled nursing centers, senior communities and medical facilities throughout the country.

Recommended Products

Recommended Products for Commercial, Private and Industrial Buildings include: the SAC Magnetic Package Unit, the SAC 1000-APS, the SAC 800-APS-FM, the SAC Rapid Recovery Unit, and the SAC LED-DM PLUSTechnology is also available for vehicle exhaust removal.

SAC Magnetic Mount Package
SAC 1000-APS

Who is this for?

Government Facilities, Federal, State and Local Offices, Schools | Universities, Fitness Centers, Community Centers, Gyms, Private Offices, Manufacturing sites


"Our stores are doing everything we can to protect our customers and smart air care technology is part of that effort. And our employees tell us that they notice and appreciate the difference in the air quality while they work."
Ned Waters
Partner/COO/CFO/QLLA Member Golf and Ski Warehouse

Commercial, Private and Industrial Buildings Feature Project

The Golf and Ski Warehouse

The largest selection of golf equipment, apparel, and accessories in northern New England…a huge selection of ski and snowboard merchandise…and expert custom fitting. With locations in Hudson NH Greenland NH West Lebanon NH in Scarborough ME.